Friday, June 4, 2010

The first few days

Hello all

I thought I should post something towards the end of our first week here in DC.
I flew in on Monday, and although I was tired and (very) hot when I arrived, the excitement of the city and everything that was going on quickly energized me, and by the time I had settled in to our apartments on Constitution Ave. I couldn't wait to get outside and start seeing everything that was going on around us.
I've had a little more time to do sightseeing and all of that than everyone else has had because I have not started interning yet. Since my internship is in the Dept. of Justice, I have to endure a long background and security check, which as of today has not yet been completed (hopefully I'll start early next week). But being temporarily internship-less isn't so bad. I've been able to really get settled into our place, get chores done and step out into the streets of DC to do a little bit of sightseeing.
The greatest thing about being in DC is that on a simple walk to Bed Bath & Beyond, you'll look up from your phone and see some great institution or awesome landmark. On my way to the Office of Justice Program, where I will presumably be working (glad that it's a walkable distance!) I walked by the Supreme Court building, passed by the Mall, Georgetown Law, as well as other national headquarters of numerous organizations. So much magnitude packed into a few square miles..
We've had a few seminars already from CSB/SJU alum, and it has been really great to hear from these people who were in positions just like us that are now doing awesome things. Peg McGlinch gave us insight into her career that had seen her work years on the Hill to her present career as a lobbyist (while obtaining a JD and Masters from Harvard along the way). We also met Jeff and Kayla, two very recent alum who did the same DC program we are on but had decided to go the step further and turn an internship into an actual job and were now enjoying their time working on the Hill out here in DC.
It's been an awesome first week. I hit me as I was going for an evening run--down to the Washington Monument and back--that I was in a really exciting place at an exciting time of my life, and I know I am going to have a great summer.

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  1. I arrived on Sunday, May 30th around 5 pm. I was on the same flight as Jenny and Abby.
    After we got in, I unpacked and then everyone who was here went to a concert on the mall for memorial day and then to dinner at Gordon Biersch Brewery near the Spy Museum. We had to keep asking cops and people where to go to eat. I had a burger. It was kind of expensive and a little like a warehouse, but it was not bad.
    On Monday,we went on a scavenger hunt. We had a list of places to go and take pictures at. We went to the Capitol, Library of Congress, the Botanical Gardens, Museums, the Memorials, and the White House. It was at least 90 degrees and we walked everywhere. So it was very hot and tiring. The walk to the Lincoln Memorial seemed like the longest. Then we met Claire Haeg, one of the directors, at UNO for a kind of Chicago-style pizza.
    So those were the first few days.